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We are so proud of the positive reviews and testimonials we get from our patients. Helping people feel great, and regain and maintain their health and vitality gives us inspiration. At Arizona Chiropractic Center, we love what we do, and it shows!

Watch the testimonials below and then see for yourself by scheduling an appointment today.

I was having severe pain in my lower back and neck for almost a year, the last few months were unbearable and eventually I was unable to work. I’m so thankful that I found Dr. Koch! He is a wonderful doctor, confident in his skills, compassionate, a big heart and truly cares for each and every one he helps. He takes the time to get to know you, answers all your questions, explains everything that needs to be done and always has positive, encouraging words. Since my first visit I have improved tremendously and should be going back to work soon. Dr. Koch and all the staff make you feel like family, they honestly care about your well-being. I’m on my way to living a healthy and pain free life. Thank you Dr. Koch, you’re awesome!

Christine I.


Martha and Gene

I got into a car accident. Needed to find a chiropractor as soon as possible. Made an appointment here with Chris and not only did the office staff make everything so easy on the phone and in person. But Chris and Jude made my whole experience wonderful. They explained literally everything that was going on. They make the office so warm and opening. I’ve never been in an office before that made me feel so comfortable. I’m definitely so happy with my choice.

Thank you – you guys are great! Keep it up!!!!

Courtney F.

Marcia and Meaghan


Very friendly and genuinely concerned with my physical and overall well-being. Always there with an uplifting attitude and willing to work with me on treatment options.

Shannon R.

Harold and Cordy


Great experience and the staff are friendly, awesome, and caring. I was in chronic pain after my car accident and the Arizona Chiropractor Center took very good care of me and my 5 yr old. If you are looking for a place to be heal from any type of aches and pains, then this is the place to visit. They also have a great sense of humor, very open minded, and very professional.

Anthony H.



I went to see Dr Koch 3 years ago due to headaches. It was not unusual for me to experience 3 to 4 tension headaches per week. Dr Koch adjusted me 2 times per week in the beginning and I experienced almost instant relief. Now, I am on a maintenance mode – every 2 weeks. Being on a wellness schedule mode has kept me free of tension headaches. I feel great and always look forward to my office visits. Many thanks to Dr Koch and his amazing staff!

Matt D.


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