A Personalized Approach to Relieving Back Pain

The causes of back pain are different for different people. Therefore, the solutions must address the specific cause and not simply be a ‘one size fits all approach’. Therefore, we develop an individualized treatment plan. We use proven chiropractic adjusting methods, physiotherapies, massage, and the very latest in healing technologies to get results when other methods have failed. Below is a list of our back pain treatment options:


Safe, Effective & Non-Invasive Back Pain Relief

Most people who enter our office have waited for a very long time before doing anything about their back pain.   They thought that it would just ‘go away’ and often they are told that they are candidates for surgery. At Arizona Chiropractic Center all of our treatment options are completely non-invasive and can effectively treat your condition. Don’t live with back pain any longer. Get on the fast track to recovery and call us today.

A Proven Track Record For Back Pain Relief


Drs. Chris and Diane Koch

Drs. Koch are highly renowned Chiropractic Physicians who each have over 19 years of experience. They have successfully treated thousands of patients combining chiropractic therapy, spinal decompression cold laser, PEMF and a variety of non-surgical treatments. They believe in designing a personalized care plan based on the patient’s history, results of diagnostic tests and a physical examination.   Don’t suffer any longer. Contact us today.


Below is a testimony from one of Dr. Koch’s patients. View more testimonies here.

I came into Arizona Chiropractic because my low back was out. What I didn’t know was that the severe pain in my ribs was because my mid back was out also. I thought I had torn a pectoral muscle or cracked a rib as I couldn’t even breathe or sit up in bed! But thanks to Dr Chris and his assistant Jude, just 1 1/2 weeks after hardly being able to walk, I am back to my old self. They had treatments I didn’t even know existed, they were painless and started working almost immediately! I can not recommend the great staff at Arizona chiropractic enough! Thank you all so much, your the best!

Bridget F.

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